Sunday, February 3, 2013

Project Life Week 1 & 2

After seeing so many beautiful pages for Project Life I too have decided to give it a go this year. I went with a very simple approach like Pink Ronnie. Her pages are so beautiful and inspiring and I'm totally jealous of all those beach shots. I might be adding more digital embellishments to my own pages as I get more comfortable with this whole process.

Week 1

This is the left and right side of week 1. These photos here are pretty much all the photos I took the first week. Most of them were quick snapshots of my son Dylan on New Year's Day. Since we didn't clean up from the night before, it's like our little party never ended. Chloe and Dylan woke up on New Year's Day and went right back to playing with all the paper blowouts, noisemakers, and beads that were still on the floor.

 week 2

I actually have two spreads for week 2. Since there's no right/wrong way of doing project life and no rules I have to follow, I decided that it's okay if I have more than 1 spread per week. I just hope I can find an album big enough to hold all the pages at the end of the year. lol.

This is the first spread. All these photos are from a day that we spent at the mall with the kids. No shopping or even browsing the stores. Just letting Chloe and Dylan run around and play. They both had so much fun.

 And this is the second spread of week 2. More photos from our day at the mall and some of Chloe and Dylan eating and drinking.

This is it for now. I'll post week 3 & 4 tomorrow. :)

Photo Pocket Pages Designs A & D by Becky Higgins
 You Brighten My Day  by Che Yang Designs
What Matters Most by Pink Poppy Press & Che Yang Designs

PW's B&W by Pioneer Woman
Vintage White by Mulletgod


libbywilko said...

Love your pages Che ! I love Ronnie's pages too.

Che said...

Thanks, Libby!

Ella said...

Your album is starting very well Che !!! you have ton continue !!!

Che said...

Thanks Ella! I've just finished January (week 1 - 4) and will be working on week 5 soon! :)

Pink Ronnie said...

Your Week 1 spread is gorgeous, Che!
Ronnie xo

Che said...

Thanks, Ronnie!

I'm so happy to see you stop by my blog! :)


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